Lets Talk About Hosting

The term web hosting usually refers to the server space that is rented by a business or individual for storing and managing files related to their website as well as monitoring, studying traffic through, and collecting data about the number of users accessing it.

Before jumping into the meaning of a website, it might be beneficial to read the article on that topic.

The discussion about hosting often seems to be forgotten in the process of overthinking planning a party.

When you want to visit a website, the first thing you will do is type in a domain name or certain keywords into the Google search field.

When you establish an internet connection, your computer will connect to the server and the page will be transmitted through the browser.

Therefore, when you want to start building a website, domain and hosting service are the first thing you need to purchase.

An Overview of Hosting and Domains

Therefore, to clarify the meaning of hosting and domains, we will provide a little overview.

a. Hosting

Renting out your apartment can be likened to hosting on Airbnb, with every building having an available apartment size.

From a 1 GB package or unlimited cheap hosting packages, each service provides different space or storage areas. For example, promo Niagahoster offers hosting starting from a 1 GB space to the customer.

b. Domain

Whereas domains are the domain names of your website or a route that is accessed by the Internet.

One way to find computers online is by using a domain name. Every computer has what’s known as an IP address, which can be used in tandem with a domain name to locate that specific machine.

However, remembering an IP address consisting of multiple numbers could be difficult. To make it easier on yourself, create a domain name that you will remember.

When you want to access a website, all you need to know is the domain name.

Domain names are combinations of alphanumeric characters with various extensions and include the letters “com” or “co.id.”

Every website needs to have a domain name registered so that the site can be accessed.

When you are choosing the right hosting option for your online business, be sure to think about your website’s needs in terms of storage.

Starting with the needs of your business, proceed based on features and services offered by hosting plans.

Shared Hosting

In the past, users would have to purchase expensive servers that they’d use as their own personal servers. Today, there is a new hosting type called shared hosting which allows many people access to one server and costs much less than installing your own.

Shared hosting packages are often quite cheap.

However, because it uses many other people’s resource and is limited.


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